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Ebute-Lekki Village Excision

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Ebute-Lekki Village Excision

Land Name

Ebute-Lekki Village Excision



Claimant Name

Gbolade Obajimi Onayemi & 3 Ors

Defendant Name

Ade Amode & 10 Ors




Ebute-Lekki, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

Total size/area

40.089 Hectares

Family/Historical ownership


Suit No.


Date Suit Field

5/26/2016 12:00:00 AM


Injunction, Trespass

Claimant Interest

40.089 Hectares


A declaration that the Claimants are the owners of the parcel of land located at Ebute-Lekki in the Ibeju Local Government Area of Lagos State, known as 'AbuIe' or 'Ogba' Ijesha under and by virtue of Yoruba native law and Custom and also as contained amongst the parcels of land contained within the parcel of land released to the family from government acquisition as published by the Lagos State Government in its official gazette issued as ISSN0189- 0174, No. 29 Volume 27 dated 1st September 1994 titled Notice of Excision of Villages, settlement and parcel of land, Excised to the Claimants family.--,acts of trespass when they unlawfully entered the said lands, destroying some of the Claimants and properties on the land thereon without the consent and authority of the Claimants and committing further acts of thuggery and violence against the Claimants--, PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the defendants whether by themselves their servants, agents, assigns or privies from further committing any act of trespass or further trespassing upon the Claimants lands and from entering or remaining on the land or felling down  of economic trees or historical monuments situate on the said land situate at Ebute Lekki in the Ibeju Lekki LocalGovernmentArea of Lagos State, known as 'Abule' or 'Ogba' Ijesha