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About LandSNG

One day someone discovered that the location of a land in Lagos, as shown in the survey plan prepared by a supposedly “quack” surveyor falls right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean; and this website idea was borne.

It is said that the process of buying land, a house or renting properties in Nigeria is for the brave with tricks and turns every potential real estate investor need to be aware of. The mission of our organization is to help you minimize the risks of losing your real estate investments. This could be funds you intend to use in buying land, a house, or to rent a property. The best way to start is to be well informed and make use of available resources in order to make wise investment decisions. Unfortunately, the resources you need to do this are often not immediately or openly available. The tools and resources you will find here will help resolve one or few of the many challenges you may face.

You can get direct information on legal status of lands in and around the location of your interest. You can also create polygon version of the land you are interested in on a map, allowing you to crosscheck the location of the land to locations of government acquired lands or lands released by excision to communities.

However, resources here cannot be used solely to make final real estate investment decisions, as you will always need to consult a real estate professional, including a lawyer, and government land agencies before doing so.

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