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Akanbi-Awe Village Excision

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Akanbi-Awe Village Excision

Land Name

Akanbi-Awe Village Excision



Claimant Name

Mr Emmanuel Ukuemi Adokpaye

Defendant Name

Alhaji Jelili Odunsis




Akanbi-Awe, Lekki, Lagos

Total size/area

5.177 Hectares

Family/Historical ownership

Akonbi-Awe Ajigbede Family

Suit No.


Date Suit Field

11/14/2016 12:00:00 AM



Claimant Interest

6 Plots


A declaration that the Claimant paid the total sum of (N4,000,000) for Million Naira for Six plots as purchase price to the Akonbi-Awe Ajigbeda family out of their family excised land holding lying situate at Akanbi Awe Ajigbede Village excision measuring 5,177 hectares and 5.031 hectares granted to them by the Lagos State Government and which said land the Claimant paid for to the Defendants and their family on installment basis in the year 2005--,A declaration that the allotment of 2 plots only to the Claimant by virtue of the terms of settlement duly admitted as the judgment of the Court in Suit No. LD/1958/2006 presided over by the Honourable Justice M.O Obadina (Mrs) wherein the claimant in the aforesaid suit was allotted plots 11 and 12 respectively does not extinguish the right of the claimant to demand for and be granted the outstanding 4 plots of land by the defendants named in this suit as agreed--,An order of this Honourable court for possession of the six plots of land (wherein a plot measuring 60 feet by 120 feet and which includes the earlier two plots granted to the Claimant in the judgment delivered by Honourable Justice M.O Obadina Mrs. the presiding Judge in suit NO LD/1958/2006 ) from the Defendants out of the excised portion of land granted to the Akonbi Awe Ajigbeda family by Lagos State Government vide Lagos State of Nigeria Official Gazette, No. 19, Volume 40, 22nd day of February 2007, titled notice of excision of village/parcels of land at pages 118-141 to the Claimant named in this suit--,A declaration by this Honourable court that the willful withholding of the 4 plots of land from being allotted to the Claimant out of the six plots the claimant paid for in the terms of settlement admitted as the Judgment of the court in Suit No. LD/1958/2006 between Alhaja Anifatu Almnbi-Awe and 31 others Vs.Mr. Rasaq Baiogun amounted to willful denial of the claimants claim to the entire six plots of land, the claimant duly paid for from the defendants named in this suit from their Akanbi- Awe Ajigbeda family land holding--,GENERAL DAMAGES of N20,000,000.00 jointly and severally against the named Defendants for breach of contract-­