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Siriwon Village

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Siriwon Village

Land Name

Siriwon Village



Claimant Name

Sirinwon Village Community

Defendant Name

Executive Governor Of Lagos State & 6 Ors




Sirinwon, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

Total size/area

40 Hectares

Family/Historical ownership


Suit No.


Date Suit Field

6/28/2014 12:00:00 AM


Trespass, injunction, damages

Claimant Interest

40,00 Hectares and 60.00 Hectares


A DECLARATION--,that the planned relocation of the 7th defendant to the claimants ...s.itle/exclusive private property must not fall within the confines of the 40,00 hectres granted to it by law--,That the 4thdefendant shall delineate the 60.00 hectres granted to the 7th defendant whose boundaries are stated succinctly in the gazette, outside the 40.00 hectres ~anted to the claimant--,1 declaration that the 40.00 hectres was granted solely to the claimant and it must not ()- be shared with the ih defendant whatsoever--,declaration that the action of the defendants in forcefully entering into its land is 7-- illegal, unlawful, null and void and without effect whatsoever, devoid of legal or moral backing--,A declaration that, claimant not being a party to the MOD purportedly entered into by ~ -othe defendants, cannot be brought into its execution when no compensation mentioned therein was paid to any of its members. That relocating and settling the 7th defendant on the land, belonging to claimant will divest it of its autonomy and entity and independence as a distinct community. It amounts to a robbery of its property, rape of it chastity, hegemony, and self determination--,A perpetual injunction restraining the defendants jointly and severally from continued f ~ trespass in the property of claimant comprising the 40.00 hectres granted to it by legal L LJL.) notice No. 24 of 2007 of the Lagos State of Nigeria Gazette No. 19 Vol. 40 in page 138 dated 31/7/2006 under the laws of Lagos State--,declaration that the defendants, their privies, agents and allies shall vacate the ~ property of the claimant forthwith and remove all equipments or workers there from without any further dela--,An inter locutory injunction restraining all the Defendants forthwith from carrying on with any work whatsoever in the property of the Claimant--,Th~this action as borne by the claimant.--